i translate manga sometimes. most of it's on mangadex apparently.

twinkle star - shiroi ring e

here's a patch for shiroi ring - twinkle star. It's not quite finished, but I think it was close? After forgetting about it for a few years I decided I should just let it out there. Feel free to use / edit my translation. If you can figure out how to get a VWF working, even more power to you. And I might polish the script if you do.

The worst thing was that I replaced all of the original kanji / hiragana with the English script, so the parts of the menu I wasn't able to replace are completely garbled with this patch. I'm attaching the Atlas insertion script so you could try inserting the English text elsewhere, or just expand the ROM, I guess. Good luck.

Link to patch and script

maten no soumetsu

I've fully translated the game and it's playable from start to finish in English. Get the patch and more info on the maten tools github.