Learn kanji for games!

This site has lists of kanji sorted by game. There are PC games, Super Nintendo games, X68k games, Playstation games... Check the list to the left. You can customize your current level to minimize the time you spend on kanji that are just too easy. Make use of the "too easy" response to instantly set your score to 100 for that kanji, ensuring you will never be bothered by it again.

Once you've selected a game and confirmed your settings and the kanji set you wish to study, you will be taken to the flash card screen. The left side displays the kanji (with some inconsequential metadata) and the right side is blotted out. If you hover your mouse over the right side, it will reveal the meanings, kun readings, and on readings. In this way you can rapidly respond by choosing one of the three available responses, or mouse over the right side for confirmation.

There isn't any testing or verification done on the server side. It operates entirely based on the honor system. If you were so disposed, you could go through every kanji just clicking "too easy" and have an impressive list of thousands of kanji you "know" without knowing a single kanji. But why...?

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