What is this?

The short answer

Study kanji from game-based lists. Pick the game you want to be able to play in Japanese and start studying kanji from that game.

The long answer

Ever wanted to play a Japanese game? Don't know Japanese? Shucks. Maybe you can study a little and learn enough to play games you love in their original language or play games you have always dreamed of playing. Keep this in mind: some games have well over a thousand kanji, dozens of which aren't on the JLPT or the jouyou kanji list. Shucks.

You need to dedicate years studying the complex writing system and learning a minimum of 2000 kanji just to be barely literate. But the kanji you will learn from studying the JLPT or even in the Japanese school system don't cover every kanji you will find in a game. Moreover, every game doesn't use all 2000 characters, so why waste your time and effort learning a kanji you may never see in your life. This site is here to help.

I have compiled lists of all kanji from select games, visible on the list on the left. Using this site, you can see a list of kanji just for a specific game you want to learn. You can filter the list to only show kanji within a certain JLPT or jouyou grade range.

Why sign up?

You certainly don't need to sign up. I tried to make the process as simple as possible, however. Accounts can be any combination of characters. Passwords must be at least 5 characters. An e-mail address is optional.

To save your scores for individual kanji, you must have an account and log in. You can choose a set of kanji to study and use the "too easy" answer to remove kanji from the set as you learn them. In this way, the site is functional without registering or logging in. Features such as seeing what % of a game's kanji you have already studied, seeing your in progress characters, and options like that require an account.

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